Welcome to Geoferecencer Help Center!

Based on the experience from the previous projects, we prepared a special web page which will help you to setup your new Georeferencer pilot.

The basic information about the project (including pricing) can be found at georeferencer.com.

Here you can find the latest pilots. Get inspired at: 

Maps In The Crowd Project (finished): leiden.georeferencer.com 

Nationaal Archief Georeferencer (NL): nationaalarchief.georeferencer.com

Technische Universität Darmstadt (finished):  ulb.georeferencer.com

British Library Collection: http://www.bl.uk/maps/

National Library of Scotland Collection: http://maps.nls.uk/projects/georeferencer/

ETH Bibliothek Zurich: eth.georeferencer.com/random

More information about the setup of the project on the next page