Get your Georeferencer in a few steps!

We give you access to our internal ticketing system ClientPortal where the setup process is divided into separated issues:

  1. You get the access for the hosting (FTP access) where you upload your maps in TIFF format

  2. You provide us with the metadata sheet

  3. Choose the subdomain name where the service will be available (ex. It is up to you which name you prefer. 

  4. Optionally, we can create a custom look and feel of georeferencer (adding logo, adjusting colors, adding one button in the horizontal navigation)

As a result (in one or two weeks), you will get two links with your Georeferencer and with your documentation and widgets.


In the ticketing system, you can create your own issue and ask our technicians directly. 

The payment of the service goes through the sales department at [email protected]