The following represents features and planned schedule for things which are under development by the Developer Team. Most of these features here are intended to be launched within the following six months. We'll do our best to update this roadmap as our engineers continue their work.

  • Map overlays without Google Earth plugin with client side implementation of affine transformation supporting cutline
  • WMS / WMTS for maps from the new Georeferencer with cutline supported
  • Stabilize and clean the JavaScript part of the main interface
  • Support localization / internationalization of the web interface (Czech, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, French)
  • Direct editing of numerical coordinates LatLon in GUI
  • Native browser plugins & new bookmarklet for client side detection of maps in opened website
  • Switch to NDB datastore and use more powerful libraries (NumPy,jinja2,...) of new P27
  • Favouriting the maps, and 'My maps' functionality implemented + fulltext search
  • Deploy the new version of Georeferencer at, port existing user database and 'My maps'
  • Allow upload of custom scans by individuals
  • Annotations of maps / comments / ev. story telling
  • Implement georeferencing with defined set of control points - to support map series
  • Detection of duplicates (via image hash), reuse of existing georeference, automatic cutline detection
  • Export annotations + maps as Linked Data (RDF triples) and support W3C Semantic Web linking
Recently finished:
  • Export geodata via utility gdal_georeferencer - which allow to create GeoTIFF from the original scan and online georeferencing
  • Port existing pilots (MZK/NLS/NA) to the new version of Georeferencer - transfer the maps and set redirects
  • Upgrade Georeferencer to modern P27 infrastructure
  • Improvement of the Georeferencer internal architecture, better datamodel, improvements based on what we have learned from pilots. 
  • New design and layout of tools: mockups -> HTML+CSS -> implementation
  • Update of the Georeferencing Tool (OpenStreetMap as the default base map - MapQuest, improved geocoder - NominatimOpenData base map for UK, upgrade to latest OpenLayers with support for mobile devices)
  • New user authentication for the service (Facebook,Google, etc.). Check demo.
  • Improved automatic data exports for libraries participating in pilots