Project setup

How can we start the project?

Just go to and ask for a quote.

How can we purchase it?

Once the quote is accepted, we will provide you with the invoice which can be paid by wire transfer or online by credit card.

When we can expect the delivery?

The delivery of the tool will be provided until 14 working days after we register the payment on our side.

Which format of images are supported?

You need to provide us the images in a TIFF format. The highest quality is recommended (choose your compression). The quality of generated final GeoTIFF files (output from Genereferencer) depends on the quality of the input files you upload.

Can we adjust the design?

Yes, of course! You can add the logo, adjust the colours and add one button to the horizontal navigation.

Can I add own base maps?

By default, we include base maps from MapTiler. If you need to show your own historical or modern base maps - from government map services (WMTS service) we can enable this in your pilot after you create a request in ClientPortal.

Can I create a new collection by myself?

No, you cannot. New collection is being created automatically after each import of maps.


How the crowdsourcing works?

Make a competition in georeferencing to get a better results! We will give you widgets which can be easily integrated to your website as an iFrame (just copy&paste to any web publishing system / CMS).

The data from widgets area are also available to web programmers in JSON format.

For more details see the Results and API.

Which is the best practice for crowdsourcing?

The prize for top contributors, contacting local communities, recording video, contacting press.

Read also:

Get inspired by the successfull pilots:

David Rumsey Map Collection

British Library

National Archives of Netherlands

National Library of Scotland

Layers of London project

Leiden University Library

ETH Zurich

GeoPortOst project

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Stare Mapy project


You can create an amazing visualization of your maps which is also usable for the physical exhibition!

See all details at

How can I download the metadata for my archiving / library catalog enrichment?

Your Metadata enriched with geographical location (bounding box format - as 4 numbers in CSV RAW format and as MARC visible in https::// is available on request - just contact us (ideally via ClientPortal).

In future, we are planning to make this downloadable from a link - made on-demand - directly from the web administration.

How to download the georeferenced image as GeoTIFF for use in GIS tools?

Each georeferenced map can be downloaded as GeoTIFF file with the public link at the "This map" page.

Administrators of the project can download unlimited number of maps individually from the web.

Batch download of all the pilot maps is available on request and may be charged.

Creating of the TIFF is demanding on server resources (CPU, storage) - so public users are provided with one download, and later they can subscribe to a paid plan to download more - to help to cover the related costs.

Can my maps be linked from

Yes sure! We can show them to over 200.000 online visitors on this portal - and make them well known. With the Georeferencer, the intergration to database is free of charge. You only need to request it via a separated ticket on ClientPortal ticketing system.

I want a geographical search for my collection - like OldMapsOnline - just with my own maps!

You automatically receive something similar as "OldMapsOnline" or David Rumsey collection - for geographical search directly in your own map collection. See:

This can be easily integrated with your website, customised with CSS or JavaScript and presented on your physical exhibition to visitors!

Walk with GPS on your maps on a mobile phone or tablet!

If your maps are in Georeferencer and you ask us to include them in portal - they are going to be visible also in the OldMapsOnline mobile app:

People can use their GPS on a phone - and see and walk with "blue dot" showing their actual position on top of hundred years old maps!

Number of visitors with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to collect user data on This way you can see how many people are visiting your maps on OldMapsOnline or Georeferencer. Please send us a tracking code for collecting the data. At first, create an analytics account at, set up the web analytics to your domain on ([institution] and send us the tracking code which you will get in the following format:


OldMapsOnline also send a lot of people to your own website showing the maps!


Get we get a technical support from your technicians?

Yes, we will be happy to support you within the packages of supporting hours we offer (usually 20 or 40 supporting hours).

Can you help us to promote our georeferencing project (marketing, announcments, etc.)?

Yes! Every new Georeferencer project is like our little child, so we would be more than happy to help it grow!

Usually, we send links via @oldmapsonline Twitter and to our contacts.