How do we get the project?

The project setup can take up to two weeks after the images and correct metadata sheet are provided. The time frame for delivery is dependent upon the requirements of the customer. When the project is set up, you will receive:

  1. A link with the project page - example

  2. A link with deliverables and widgets - example:

How to start the project?

Typically, institutions start by promoting the project on their website, social sites, etc.

They can also prepare their own project web page with additional information about the collection (project), instructions, tutorials, widgets and blogs.

What shall we know?

People can georeference the maps only via the Sign-in option. They can sign in with their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or they can get the password for their new account (Sign-up option - just by filling the email address).


Can KlokanTech help us with the promotion of our project?

Yes, of course. We are proud of our Georeferencer projects and are really happy to help you promote it on our social sites and blog.

How do I become a Georeferencer user?

Every Georeferencer project page has a Sign-in button which allows people to become a user. Just sign-in with your Facebook,  Twitter or Google+ account. If you don’t have any account on social media sites, then you will have to sign-up by providing us with an email address and we will send you a password for your new account.  

Does the institution have access to the user’s credentials (email addresses)?

No, the institutions do not have access to the user’s credentials.

How do we integrate widgets into our web page?

Just add the widget to the page like "iframe" - you have to use the code from the page.